Besides chiropractic services, we offer some additional services that can be done alone or in conjunction with chiropractic care to benefit the overall healing process. You can make an appointment for these services by calling us at 630-499-4078 or scheduling online.

The following are services provided by Kristina Dodge, professional groomer and canine massage therapist. Learn more about Kristina by clicking her name in the dropdown menu under “staff.”

20 minute massage comes with diffused therapeutic lavender essential oil and acoustically designed relaxation music.

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Raindrop is a series of 9 Therapeutic Grade Essential oils (Young Living) dropped along the spine used to balance, calm and facilitate healing in ill and painful pets.  Raindrop is excellent for the nervous dog or for any one looking to support their pets’ overall well being.

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Nails are trimmed with the assistance of pet parents

A dremel tool is used to file any sharp edges and ensure a shorter length

If your dog has stinky or itchy ears, Kristina will provide a soothing ear cleaner and apply it with a cotton ball to remove earwax or discharge.

We use a toothbrush designed to fit your pet’s mouth and a safe, effective toothpaste to leave their breath extra fresh! You get to keep the toothbrush.

Pad hair can be trimmed away to help alleviate pets from slipping and sliding. The can especially be beneficial for senior pets or pets that get debris stuck in their feet.

Kristina is a professional groomer of over 19 years. She can help trim away pesky eye hair (“bangs”) OR trim tops of unruly, hairy feet OR rear limb feathering.