Why should my dog receive a Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment?

Raindrop Essential Oil Treatments have many benefits!  9 essential oils are dropped along the spine and are feathered and massaged in.  Pet parents notice that their dog will sleep more soundly, become more relaxed after Raindrop, and have less pain with better ease of movement.

If you have a senior pet with arthritis, a severely anxious dog that worries about everything, a painful pet due to a recent or ongoing trauma, or a dog that has recently had surgery, they are the perfect candidate for Raindrop.  Each oil has specific healing purposes within the body.   Let’s review each therapeutic use and response.

Raindrop will:

* Reduce pain (analgesic oils)

* Reduce stress (oils that normalize nervous system)

* Relax muscles (antispasmodic oils)

* Reduce inflammation (naturally occurring anti inflammatory agents in oils)

* Improve circulation (oils have oxygenation properties and circulatory stimulants)

* Detox the body systems (oils that are high in phenols)

* Improve immune function (oils that create unfavorable environment for viruses and bacteria)

Young Living Essential Oils are not adulterated oils.  That means there are NO synthetic chemicals in the oils and are completely safe for therapeutic use.  Kristina is trained in the application of oils and will feather them in for appropriate absorption.

Canine Raindrop Treatment (Approx. 15min): $25