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Canine Massage Therapist

Soft Tissue Conditions: Massage is beneficial for tight, spasming, or sore muscles as well as soft tissue injury.

Health and Wellness: Massage can help ensure normal muscle health, which can be especially beneficial for giant breed dogs who are difficult to lift and move with soft tissue conditions.

Post-Surgery: Massage can greatly benefit post-surgery recovery in decreasing inflammation and pain. It also allows for normal blood and lymph circulation in patients who are temporarily immobile. Additionally, it helps the body flush sedation and anesthesia medications.

Pain or Stress: Massage helps reduce pain and anxiety levels. It can also allow for normal circulation of blood and lymph which can be beneficial for dogs that have been immobile.

End of Life Care: Many terminally ill pets spend a lot of time laying, often in some discomfort or pain. Massage can help to alleviate this, decrease any stress, and improve quality of life.

Gastrointestinal Function: Massage can positively impact digestive function by improving gastric motility.

Expectations for massage

Receiving canine massage can be a very therapeutic experience.  However, each dog understands touch in a different way.  Introductory sessions can create excitement or even a little uncertainty at first.  This is natural as the pet and therapist are probably meeting for the first time!  We will discuss concerns and questions you may have along with any injuries or past surgeries the pet has experienced.  The owner is always welcome to stay during a session.   As each session concludes, the pet begins to understand that they have a job when they visit me.  That is, to soak it all in and relax!

The benefits of therapeutic canine massage are endless. When massage is used in conjunction with chiropractic and veterinary care, it can provide relief from similar, everyday chronic ailments that plague us humans.  These include: arthritis, postural deviations, trigger points or sore muscles, tension and stress and swollen, achy joints. It can especially be beneficial with recovery post-surgery.

Some improvements can be noticed immediately after a successful session.  Visible and palpable changes can include: deep relaxation, improved gait and posture, more active stretching at home, quicker recovery time from injury or surgery, better range of motion and flexibility, increase in athletic performance, and relief from pain and swelling in tissues.  Also know that massage can provide comfort for pets during end of life.

20min Canine Massage with Kristina Dodge: $45

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