Mike McGuigan animal reiki professional
Mike McGuigan reiki for dogs

Mike McGuigan is an animal Reiki professional and sound therapy healer. Mike McGuigan has always felt a deep love and connection to nature and all animals, but most especially his beloved dogs. His playful and naturally fun loving spirit, along with his gift to connect with animals on an energetic level helps put our pets at ease, and establishes trust, so their entire beings are able to heal quickly and efficiently. Mike has achieved the highest level of Reiki and is certified in Reiki Teacher Training. After achieving the status of Reiki Master, Mike continued to learn, and solidify his gifts,and skills, meeting monthly, and expanding these gifts under the direct guidance of Kathryn Regganie, of Energy Pathways, Inc. Mike is licensed, insured, and a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

Mike’s hours are Tuesdays 3-8p and Fridays 10a-2p.

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