What To Expect

The initial visit typically lasts 30 minutes and entails an Integrative Diagnosis exam, diagnosis, report of findings, expectations and treatment plan. Dr. Nottoli will also discuss any other complicating factors that may be present or could potentially become a problem.

Follow up visits are 15 minutes. The goal of any treatment is to get you back to functioning as well as possible without pain and limitation.  This isn’t a single visit or two and you’re done. It took months to even years to develop your injury fixing won’t happen overnight. This is a process of consultation, measurement, treatment, and assessment of the results. We’ll see you in an individualized treatment plan until your problem is resolved or reached maximum medical improvement. It may take 3 visits or 20. Whatever it takes to eliminate the pain and increase your mobility and function. 

What To Wear

Please come with workout attire, as treatment is most effective without the impedance of clothes if necessary. For example, if you are coming in with shoulder pain, please wear a tank top. If you have knee or leg pain, wear workout or running shorts.