Working With Paul Nottoli D.C.

If you have had joint, muscle or nerve pain for longer than 3 months or have failed treatment with other providers you are the perfect candidate working with Dr. Paul Nottoli. With specialized training as an Integrative Diagnosis® Provider and soft tissue injury specialist, Dr. Nottoli focuses on improving function while eliminating pain.

How Is This Different From Other Treatments?

When you are working with Dr. Paul he utilizes Integrative Diagnosis® which is a cutting-edge, extremely effective and precise diagnosis and treatment method.

This gives patients a clear understanding of treatment application as well as the duration of treatment and care.

1. Consultation: We determine if you are a good candidate for our unique and specialized practice to ensure you’re in the right place.

2. Testing & Measurement: Understand your condition, current status of function, and the process to get you better. You can’t fix what you don’t measure.

3. Treatment: Using the most effective treatment for your condition. Any many cases this finding and fixing adhesion which is the most common, most underdiagnosed and most treatable condition in the human body. Adhesions cause decreased flexibility, weakness, and pain. Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that bind two different tissues together that shouldn’t be connected. Adhesions can lead to pain, weakness, reduced flexibility and mobility.

4. Results: Using a test, treat, re-test model allows us to track the success of your case. We have a set of objective data to not only get you out of pain but improve your function.

One of the only facilities in Illinois certified in Integrative Diagnosis®

Dr. Nottoli prides himself on being a master of injuries and master of function. While Dr. Nottoli has his doctorate in Chiropractic he practices and is an expert as a soft tissue injury specialist.  This involves a high level of expert diagnosis as well as expert and elite treatment of adhesion. He has treated thousands of patients who have overcome long-term injuries and discomfort.